Account Suspended
This Account has been temporarily suspended due
to a DOS attack from unknown sources.
It will be reinstated after the DOS attack relents.

Initial tracing has located Los Alamos National Laboratories and
the University of New Mexico as probable sources of the DOS ATTACKs.

$500 reward for information, identification, location and evidence that
leads to the arrest, indictment and criminal and civil prosecution
of the perpetrators and co-conspirators involved in these DOS Attacks.

The reward may grow as more harmed parties join the suit for damages.

Parties are invited to joinder in a class action civil lawsuit
for cyberterrorism crimes and criminal conspiracy before, during, and
after the acts with real and punitive damages awarded to the
victims of these criminal acts.

(online identities of known criminals: dirtyvibezz, OxygenProxyy,
Amped Attacks, HellaHarridan, sgtbilko420, cumslut#owned,
Jade Helm Commander, StrangerOnFire, TangoDown, IliaHuTeply)

(Invited so far:, 30+ websites hosted on,
Intersever, Cloudflare, Suddenlink, Centurylink,,,, Joliet Police Department, other websites mentioned
during this illegal campaign
of cyberterrorism.

Note: It is a federal crime to attack
any web server involved in commerce!
Contact your hosting provider for more information.